Sustainability is a core value in our business philosophy

We make a green world

Our company culture and commitment are founded upon environmental responsibility. We are committed to manufacturing products with natural, recycled and recyclable fibres through responsible production processes.

We are continually improving and advancing towards a more sustainable future to achieve the perfect balance between social well-being, care for the environment and economic growth.


Our commitment to the community

At Textisol, we develop and implement good business practices to aid in creating a more sustainable world:


People, our priority

At Textisol, occupational health and safety and the overall welfare of team members is our priority. We want to ensure well-being in a safe, comfortable and healthy work environment.

We are strongly committed to implementing policies that incorporate fair treatment and equal opportunities for women and men. To that end, we rely on an Equality Plan, in which the relative risks and impacts of discrimination in the workplace are evaluated.

We support our workers’ well-being with projects that advocate the importance of incorporating healthy habits into our lives.

At Textisol, our workers are the company’s most valuable asset; they inspire us to invest in them by providing continuing education programmes so they can grow and develop professionally within our company.


Environmental impact

For Textisol, environmental responsibility means the efficient utilisation of resources with the least possible impact on the environment. We continually strive to reduce the environmental impact that our production processes may have.

Water management

We aim to reduce water consumption by 20% by the year 2025.

Water is an essential resource for Textisol, as it is used in the production processes of non-woven fabrics to merge fibres using the spunlace method. For this reason, we consider it necessary to meet strict water quality standards.

Approximately 90% of the water introduced into the process is recycled. All the water is treated in our treatment plants prior to disposal.


Recycled water



Less water consumption


Carbon footprint

We periodically undergo regulatory checks established in the legislation regarding Air quality and atmospheric protection.

We are working to become carbon neutral by consuming our productive resources efficiently.

Our objective is to continue advancing towards a circular economy, striving to reduce, reuse, recycle, reprocess and recover the raw material consumed during our production process.

Reduction of noise pollution

Each year, measurements are taken to verify that we are meeting all requirements concerning noise pollution related to our business activities, facilities, structures, construction and services.


Environmental responsibility

Our priority regarding this matter is to implement measures that prevent, evade and repair environmental damage that we may cause, so as to return the damaged resources to their previous state.

Our company’s values drive us to invest in more sustainable market solutions so we can develop ethical alternatives for the consumer. In 2022, we will be launching the GREEN LACE line, using natural and recycled fibres made of 100% cotton, and that are completely free of plastics.

We are constantly evolving towards a more sustainable future and are committed to diminishing the environmental impact of our products, while considering the entire supply chain.

We work continuously to develop non-woven fabrics through production processes which create a positive impact on society.

We unequivocally fulfil our moral, ethical and legal obligations, implementing social, economic and environmental policies to continue constructing the industry of the future.