Textiles for personal care and hygiene

Our wet wipe solutions for babies and for face and body offer maximum comfort and care for skin and for the environment.


Our wide line of non-wovens for wet wipes allows us to offer solutions adapted to your needs.

Feminine wipes

Our 100% Cotton non-wovens provide the optimal level of protection and comfort.

Wet wipes for babies and children

Our textiles deliver maximum quality and softness for little ones.

Cosmetic and personal hygiene wipes

Facial and body cleansing is a daily ritual that should be smooth and effective.

Hand sanitising wipes

Wipes to disinfect hands and any frequently used surface.

Pads for the healthcare sector

Textiles suitable for use in the healthcare sector, such as gauzes


When it comes to single-use wipes, softness and eco-friendliness are what matter most to us. Discover our innovative product lines and their benefits:

Green Lace

Personal hygiene products created from natural fibres to support ethical and responsible consumption accessible to all.


Spun Lace

High-quality solutions designed for personal hygiene and baby care, as well as healthcare, cleaning and cosmetics.


Innovation and technology
are the key to offering products
of the highest quality


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